About Me

 Hi, lovelies,

My name is Christie L. Williams. I was born in New Jersey but grew up in Georgia, not too far from Atlanta.

I am the third of four children and still live near Atlanta. My brother died 7-years ago from suicide, and my older sister died from a very debilitating illness a few years ago. Both didn’t make it to 40. I’ve learned a lot from them and the loss of them. Today I choose to view each day as an absolute gift. No matter what happens in the day, I am alive and am grateful for that.

I want my contribution each day to reflect my love of this gift, my Creator, and the amazing abilities we were designed to develop.

I’m married to my best friend, Jason, and we are about to have our 17-year wedding anniversary. He’s the love of my life and a support to whatever I take on.

I love volunteering, coaching, cooking, language, travel, the beach, and reading a good book. I also LOVE working hard and getting rest. It’s a balance.

There’s so much more to share, but those stories will be for another time. I hope to get to know you and hear your story.

Today is always available to be a good day. Enjoy it. You’re worth it.

Think you can’t change? This was me. Change is totally possible.

When I show this photo, people ask my why I look so sad?

The reason is I didn’t love myself or my body.

Change is totally possible.

I changed my body, but I didn’t have to in order to love myself.

That’s separate.

You can love yourself and your body now.